Karcher SC 1020 Carpet Cleaner Review

Particularly suitable for cleaning floors with its new nozzle, but also sinks and shower stalls, windows, mirrors, plants and clothing.

Features & Benefits:
  • Valve / child safety prevents the opening of the tank when it is under pressure.
  • Ergonomic Handle: grip.
  • New pistol grip: Ergonomic design and adjustable steam flow on top.
  • Trolley with integrated storage accessories.
  • Design of the optimized tank: heating time reduced to 8 min and reduced energy consumption.
  • Large cap filling the tank more comfortable to use. New floor nozzle: the windscreen covers the entire surface of the nozzle for maximum absorption of dirt. Serrated nozzle for a mechanical effect multiplied.
  • New nozzle jet pencil optimized ergonomics.
  • Round brush: ideal for clean around the valve.
It’s powerful enough to clean tile, toilets, sinks and doors of the kitchen cupboards. I use it for everything and the amount of water is sufficient because the trigger prevents wasting steam and so it lasts a long time.

I have not taken other mops for clean rags do the trick (it snaps easily onto the nozzle brush).

Water flows only very few of the nozzle and rarely (very annoying on other models).

Karcher SC 2500 C Carpet Cleaner Review

Steam cleaner SC 2500 C has a removable water tank for continuous cleaning: no need to wait until the boiler is not under pressure to fill again. In addition, the SC 2500 C is ready in just 5 minutes. It impresses with its powerful cleaning without chemicals, as well as its modern and attractive design. With many additional accessories, it provides a more complete and effective cleaning and can be varied applications.

The carpet cleaner SC 2550 C Plus can be used anywhere: on hard surfaces in the toilet and the bathroom, in the kitchen, on mirrors or glass on the flat surfaces of the furniture, for ironing or fabric Care.

Removable tank: Allows continuous use. No need to wait until the tank is not under pressure to add water.

Parking position / integrated accessory storage: The SC 2550 C Plus is always available and can be stored in a small space.

New pistol grip: Ergonomic design and flow control on the top for a more comfortable use.

New floor nozzle: The windscreen covers the entire surface of the nozzle for maximum absorption of dirt. In addition, the serrated nozzle multiplies the mechanical cleaning effect.
  • Power: 1500 W
  • Pressure: 3.2 bar
  • Capacity: 0.5 L
Customer Reviews

Positive: no need to carry the water supply, it follows us on wheels ... and can be filled when you want. I do not have to "force" the household because of an operation and this cleaner is a great help to me. Great for cleaning floors (without product!) and kitchen furniture, and my carpet has found a second youth: I have three cats, hair sticking to the mat. There, I first use my vacuum cleaner then steam cleaner and a third time vacuuming. The hairs are loosened; the color of the carpet is live! This is perfect, my carpet looks like new! And I am very satisfied!

Good product but: it does not wipe well with the clamp system! Why not tight with a drawstring studding, it would be much better! We would also like a cord that wraps all alone and a tank that does not empty if by mistake the cleaner is reversed.

POLTI Vaporetto Carpet Cleaner Review

With a maximum power of 1500 watts, a pressure of 4.5 bar and a flow rate adjustable steam, Vaporetto guarantees optimum cleaning.Using its large multi-use brush to brush carpet, you clean all types of large and small areas.You need chemical detergents to remove dirt, dust mites and allergies: you can now clean without pollution, the only force of steam.Clean your carpet and other dirty in a few moments with the VTEVOLUTION steam cleaner.

  • Power 1500 W
  • Pressure 4.5 bar
  • Great multi use brush
  • Steam control to handle
  • Windshield washer kit
  • Bag accessory storage
  • - 20% Green Energy

How To Clean A Carpet

How to clean a carpet? Worried you cleaned your carpet in wool? Yet cleaning dry carpet may well be in the house, even steam cleaner. Course there are precautions to be convenient for both the maintenance of a carpet and for cleaning at the bottom of the carpet, whether it be a carpet Shaggy rug in wool. For a careful carpet that is not cleaned regularly can become a haven for moths and mites!

The vacuum cleaner that can remove stains and dust on the carpet, it is necessary once a year, after a cleaning at the bottom of the carpet: careful dusting and shampooing the carpet wool with a special machine: injection-extraction device.

Precautions when cleaning

The carpet cleaning is required before any stain. Never use a product on a carpet without a test on an inconspicuous part.  Check the color of the carpet does not fade and if the fibers are not likely to be attacked. Most products for carpet shampooing, spray or powder include instructions for use. Read them carefully.

The cleaning of deep carpet can be done with a device injecting extraction by mechanical brushing and especially, we recommend, single brush.

The cleaning of the carpet with a vacuum cleaner with a brush is recommended. It points better hair.

Clear furniture brands on the carpet

These marks left by heavy furniture on a carpet will leave if you place your hot steam iron an inch above the hair crushed.

Other techniques for carpet cleaning

Wet carpet cleaning

If the carpet has no particular value: the cleaning of carpets done using a sponge soaked in soapy water (soap or soap), rinse with vinegar and clear water and let it dry.

The cleaning of the carpet wool is done by rubbing with a cloth soaked in warm soapy water containing a few drops of ammonia. Allow the product to penetrate a little, and have a cloth moistened with warm water. Then dab the carpet in wool with a dry cloth or a washcloth and sponge finish with warm air from the hair dryer

Ammonia is to be handled with care

Be careful not to inhale the vapors as ammonia releases protecting nose and mouth with a mask or scarf and opening the window wide.